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“We truly believe all tattoo studios should have access to a solution like ours. Since 2013, we have helped heal more than 400,000 tattoos with just one of our products.”

Rasmus Cort Hansen, Founder at Sorry Mom

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There are many reasons why stocking Sorry Mom process, and aftercare products is suitable for your business. A good tattoo requires good aftercare for it to remain a good tattoo. By offering Sorry Mom aftercare products to your clients, you eliminate your client's risks of using the wrong products or simply not following aftercare instructions. It also lowers the number of retouches required in your studio, and that's a win-win. Our process products are tested and used by some of the world's best tattoo artists. They help you through everything from a crisp stencil to balanced skin during the entire process. By buying your Sorry Mom products in bulk and at wholesale pricing, you optimize your costs and revenue. You're less likely to run out of stock on your favorite tattoo ointment.

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