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How to Choose the Best Tattoo Aftercare Products (Artist's Advice) - Sorry Mom

You’ve got an awesome fresh tattoo, the lines are perfect, the colors are popping.  

What comes next? Taking good care of it. 

If you’ve followed us, you ‘ve probably read this before: aftercare for tattoo is arguably the most important part of getting a tattoo.  

For this article, we talked to several experienced tattoo artists, and they gave us their best advice when it comes to choose the best for your tattoo care. 

We will explain why aftercare for your tattoo is so important and we will show you what to look for when buying a tattoo aftercare product, and -super important- what to avoid.

Choosing the Best Tattoo Aftercare Products Is Very Important. Why?

We can't’ stress enough the importance of this. But you are not supposed to trust us –we sell tattoo aftercare products after all-.  

We’ll give you some facts, so you can make the right choice when choosing the best tattoo aftercare products for your skin:  

- Your tattoos look better and healthier.  

Aftercare for tattoo is essential not only for keeping your tattoo looking fabulous, but also for your overall health 

When using moisturizers or lotions, you will instantly see your tattoos shinning and looking brighter.

Tattoos before after moisturizing

On top of that, your skin will be properly moisturized, thus helping the overall healing process. 

- It’s a good investment 

Investing on a good tattoo artist to ensure a vibrant tattoo for the years to come is paramount. The same goes for tattoo aftercare products.  
Not following the right tattoo aftercare can potentially ruin your skin, thus your new tattoo. In the worst-case scenario, it can even get infected 
Therefore, it makes sense to count on that little extra for the best aftercare products -or at least a good quality one-.

tattoo jar money

That way, we will not only ensure a better looking and healthier tattoo, but we will reduce the chances of any hiccups –infection, excessive cracking, tattoo fading..- that will result in potential over costs – cover ups, medicines, tattoo removal...-.  

- You have full control of it 

In the process of getting a tattoo there are many factors that affect how fast -and well- your new tattoo will heal: good tattoo artist, age, type of skin, etc. 

Unfortunately -unless you are a tattoo artist-, there’s not much you can do to ensure you get an amazing looking tattoo.  

However, you do have full control of choosing the best tattoo aftercare products. 

So, now that you know how important for your tattoos is to choose the best aftercare products, let’s find out what to look for before buying anything: 

7 Things to Look for When Buying Tattoo Aftercare Products

1. Natural ingredients 

Typically, a good indicator that a product is good for your tattoo care is the use of natural ingredients. Some of the following ingredients are used for skin care and are potentially associated with the mentioned benefits: 

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2. Look for refined petrolatum 

If the product contains petrolatum, make sure it’s refined or “white petrolatum”.  

3. Aftercare for tattoo only 

When moisturizing your face, you don’t use hands cream, right? The concept applies also for tattoo aftercare.  
Some cosmetics might be good moisturizers for your skin, but they lack of other properties that can make the difference when healing a tattoo. Therefore, it’s good practice to find products that have been developed for tattoo care only. 

4. Say no to “at home remedies” 

This is common sense, but we have to point it out.  

Stick to certified products recommended by your artist, and avoid “secret” solutions for your tattoo healing.  

5. Make sure it’s dermatologically tested 

More common sense. Check for the “dermatologically tested” label to make sure you are using a trusted product. 

6. One-for-all solutions are not a good idea 

The aftercare process has different stages. For that reason, we can’t expect a product to work perfectly for all of them.

Use aftercare for tattoo recommended for every stage of the healing –more on that later.

7. Ingredients should be visible 

If you can’t see the ingredients on a product, be concerned.

Reputable brands always label the ingredients used, especially when it comes to skin care products.

BONUS: sustainable/eco products 

This won’t affect the tattoo itself. However, it’s always good to choose products that are sustainable (recycled materials, for example) to contribute to a better world. 

List of Aftercare for Tattoo You’ll Need 

- Butter or cream

What for?

Moisturizes your skin before, during and after getting the tattoo.


tattoo butter


- Tattoo protective film

What for?

Protects your tattoo the first 3-4 days.

tattoo bandage

- Tattoo foam soap

What for?

Cleans the tattoo safely.

foam soap tattoo

- Tattoo balm

What for?

Speeds up healing process & keeps your tattoo moisturized.

moisturizing tattoo

- Tattoo lotion

What for?

Ensures long lasting vibrant tattoos.

Tattoo lotion

Tattoo Aftercare Process Explained 

- Before getting the tattoo

We need to ensure the that our skin is properly hydrated for the session. To do that we can: 

  • Stay hydrated (water, soda, juice, etc) 
  • Moisturize your skin with butter/cream 2-3 times a day, 3-4 days before the session. Make sure you are not allergic to any of the components.
Drinking water

- During the tattoo

There’s nothing we can do at this point, as this is the artists’ turf. However, if your artist is using the following products, it means you are in a professional shop: 

  • Butter/ cream: keeps the tattooed area moisturized.
  • Foam Soap: while doing the tattoo, the artist will eventually wipe off excess of blood, ink. Make sure the product used is antibacterial to avoid infections.
Tattoo Butter

    - After the tattoo 

    • Protective tattoo film: keeps your tattoo away from bacteria and allows you to have an active lifestyle. 

    • Soap: allows you to clean your tattoo safely and calms the eventual itchiness. 

    • Balm/butter: keeps your tattoo moisturized and speeds up the healing process.

    Moisturized tattoo

    - Long term aftercare 

    • Lotion: keeps your skin hydrated and flexible, and gives your tattoos a vibrant look.

    Applying tattoo lotion

    What is the Best Thing to Put on a Tattoo?Understanding the Tattoo Aftercare Process 

    In our many years of experience, we get the same question year after year: what is the best thing to put on a tattoo? The answer is not that simple. 

    Long story short, the best thing to put on a tattoo should always combine both the protection of your skin and the preservation of an amazing looking tattoo.  

    As we’ve explained before, there’s no all-in-one magic product.  

    The tattoo aftercare process has different stages, and depending on which stage you are, you should be using one or another tattoo aftercare product. 

    Bottom Line 

    Tattoo aftercare is really important, not only for aesthetics, but also –and most importantly- for your skin's health sake.

    Choosing the best tattoo aftercare products will thus increase the chances of having an amazing-looking and healthy tattoo. 
    If you want to make the most out of the healing process, remember to make sure that the products you use are from trustworthy brands, and follow the recommendations mentioned in this article.  
    We hope with this information you can choose the best for your skin, and show your tattoos the love they deserve.