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6 Amazing Benefits of Using Coconut Oil on Your Tattoo - Sorry Mom

There’s a lot floating around about using Coconut Oil with your tattoo, whether old tattoos or brand new ones. If even a portion of the information about coconut oil is true, it would be a great way to care for tattoos of all ages.

So, is coconut oil really a “cure-all” that will make that tattoo vibrant and healthy at any time? In most cases, coconut oil is one of the best natural ingredients to moisturize, heal, and disinfect your tattoo at any age.

6 Main benefits of Coconut Oil:

  1. Natural antiseptic.
  2. More moisturizing power than water
  3. Helps blood clotting
  4. Easily absorbed
  5. Natural product
  6. Slows down aging process

sorry mom butter

Let's dive a bit deeper on how coconut oil based products can help the healing process of your tattoos.

Is it Safe to Put Coconut Oil on New Tattoos?

Coconut oil based products are great for tattoo aftercare, as coconut oil has several inherent benefits. However, using coconut oil on a new tattoo is not a good idea, as the tattoo is still an open wound, and it can affect negatively the healing process.

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Here’s the catch: 

If you’ve just come from the tattoo parlor, and the tattooed area is still weeping, many experts say that this will do more harm than good.

The first few days your tattoo will be an open wound, leaking blood, plasma, and even ink. That’s not the time when coconut oil works at its best.


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- Do a patch test

Before slathering on the coconut oil, it is also wise to do a patch test. A patch test is a simple way to see if you are allergic or react to a product.

  • To do a patch test, take a small dab of a product - only on the very top of your finger - and apply it to a sensitive but low-risk area of skin on the body. A good place might be the forearm.
  • Take this dab, cover it with a band-aid before getting that tattoo, and let it sit for 24 hours.
  • Take that band-aid off and see.

Is there irritation? Scratchiness? Redness? If so, you should steer clear from the coconut oil. 

When Can I Put Coconut Oil on My Tattoo?

So, now that you’ve spent a few days washing your new tattoo, the area should be scabbed over.

washing tattoo

After approximately 3-4 days, you can start using coconut oil based products on your new tattoo, as the open-wound part of the process is finishing. 

#6 Amazing Coconut Oil’s Benefits

Coconut oil is the boiled white flesh of the famous huge nut. Let's recap its main benefits:

#1 Natural antiseptic

The fatty acids serve as natural antiseptics, fighting infections without the possibility of developing resistance. That possibility exists when taking antibiotics for your tattoo.

#2 More moisturizing than water

The vitamins -vitamins E and K to be exact - are oil-soluble, so they have much more moisturizing power than water.

tattoo butter with coconut oil

#3 Triggers blood clotting process

Vitamin K especially triggers the natural process of blood clotting, which can shore up any leftover wounds in the process.

#4 Natural product

The natural ingredient aspect is great because it is very unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. The naturalness is awesome too because you’re supporting a product that isn’t tested on animals and isn’t chemically produced.

#5 Easily absorbed 

Coconut oil softens and strengthens the skin, and it is easily absorbed without leaving a greasy trace.

# 6 Anti-aging properties

Coconut is rich in protein, fat, fatty acids and antioxidants, which help slowing down the aging of the skin, as well as protects it from UV damage.

In Sorry Mom we base our products on natural ingredients.

- Sorry Mom tattoo aftercare products based on coconut oil

Because we know the many benefits of coconut oil in your skin, especially when it comes to tattoo healing, we created the Sorry Mom Butter - now with vegan version.

Coconut oil based tattoo butter


The butter has a combination of natural ingredients like:

  • Coconut oil
  • Shea butter
  • Rice brain oil

Main benefits:

  • Soothes the skin
  • Reduces redness
  • Regenerative abilities
  • Keeps the skin calm, soft & elastic
  • Quickly absorbed

How Do You Apply It?

There are many different guides to moisturizing your tattoo.

Everyone’s body is different, so you have to find out for yourself what path is best for you. A good rule of thumb for post-tattoo care is to moisture fairly frequently, with not a lot of product.

Take only a small dab onto the tip of your finger and create a thin layer over your tattoo. You shouldn’t be able to see much whiteness at all -- it should mostly soak into the skin or be slightly shiny.


thin layer tattoo moisturizer

  • Under-moisturize, and that tattoo will crack and get irritated, maybe even causing an infection.
  • Over-moisturizing can lead to clogged pores, oozing, and actually reopening your wound.

Generally, the time frame is two weeks of moisturizer.

Either way, pay attention to your skin.

What Oils Are Good for Tattoos?

There are a lot of other oils that are good for tattoo aftercare.

Essential oils are great options that can also be great for your new ink:

  • Rice brain oil
  • Frankincense
  • Myrrh
  • Lavender oil
  • Grapeseed oil
  • Tea tree oil

Quality tattoo aftercare products are usually combined with natural oils to help healing and restoring your tattoos.


Is Coconut Oil Good for Old Tattoos?

Coconut oil might stand out for its availability and simplicity, but it’s definitely not the only way to care for your tattoo.

Ask around, ask your tattoo artist, and research to see what fits your body.

Never stop caring for your tattoo. 

Keep on putting on moisturizer every day, even twice a day if that’s your skin type or the climate you’re in. All of coconut oil’s great properties that help in the healing process also keep your tattoo looking great for your entire life.


Young or old, most tattoos can benefit from coconut oil. Its benefits make it a great natural way to care for your ink.

Don’t apply it immediately, but after some washing, help that tattoo heal well with coconut oil based products. Keep it looking good by applying even as that tattoo ages. 

Coconut oil, in many ways and in many circumstances, is an excellent way to benefit your tattoo.