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Vegan Process & Aftercare Butter


125 ml / 4.20 fl oz

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The latest addition to the Sorry Mom family. Our VEGAN Process & Aftercare Butter.  
Developed for both process and aftercare, and recommended by professionals worldwide.

Additional details

Calming and regenerative

Keeps the skin soft and elastic

Soothes the skin

Reduces redness


The product is 100 % vegan and certified

Oat Oil

Avena sativa (oat) Kernel Oil - rich in triglycerides, hydrates and moisturises the skin, improves the skin barrier, supports physiology of skin and helps to prevents lipid peroxidation.

Rice Bran Oil

Packed with antioxidants and nutrients, Rice Bran Oil provides lightweight but powerful hydration while protecting the skin from free radical damage. Used trough centuries in Japan, this natural ingredient is rich on antioxidants and vitamin B and E. It softens and smoots the skin while it increases the skin barrier protection and effectively retains moisture.

Coconut Oil

A plan-based oil rich in protein, fat, fatty acids, and antioxidants. It helps soften and strengthen the skin while it also helps hydrating. It also helps bolster the skin’s protective barrier layer.
All Sorry Mom products are developed with our mission in mind

To be used during and after the tattoo process. Use during the process as a glide product and to help the sooth the skin. Use as aftercare for up to 10 days.

Sorry Mom VEGAN Tattoo Process Butter works great as a tattoo glide during the tattoo proces. Also works great as a healing aftercare ointment for new tattoos.
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